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Whether you are at the beginning of your information security journey, or looking to conduct robust governance, risk and compliance capability across your full enterprise environment, InfoSecAssure’s cross-industry capabilities are delivered in an all-in-one platform, tailored to your needs.
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All the functionality you need for assessing and uplifting the security of your business. Conduct a Health Check or assess your business against ISO 27001.
Assess the security of your business with a simple health check.
Assess how your security controls align to ISO 27001 Security Standard.
Guided process to create and maintain an asset list for you business so you know what you need to protect.
Manage your unique company profile.
In-built risk matrix to help your business make risk based decisions when invetsing in security tools.
Visual diagrams and instant reports to understand what risks you face.
Clear and practical action plans to help your business get a handle on security quickly.
Generate information security capability reports for your clients.
Secure software to protect your information.
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Tools and templates to help solve gaps quickly.
Create assets from pre-defined commmonly used technology assets.
Price: $99 per month.
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Boosted performance for risk managers who are responsible for assessing and uplifting the security across a larger business. Assess your business againat a range of standards and frameworks, customise risk frameworks and create professional reports.
Conduct health checks and assessments against ISO 27001.
Assess your controls against the NIST Cyber Security Framework.
Unique company profile with unique branding options.
Create and manage information, technology, organisational and physical asset lists.
Align control and risk assessments to business assets.
Upload control evidence for reference by stakeholders or auditors.
Generate instant management reports or external stakeholder reports.
Review high risks and assign actions and treatment plans.
White label reports with your business logo.
Visualise how mature your controls are instantly.
Share reports securely with internal and external stakeholders.
Access suggested action plans immediately or create custom action plans.
Maintain a clear record of security controls over time.
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Assess controls against SOC 2 Requirements and the Essential Eight.
Additional authentication options.
Access communication tools to request and manage information from stakeholders.
Price: $999 per month.
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Best for advisors, consultants, managed service providers who want to scale their business and provide professional and effective risk management services.
Create unique company profiles for your clients or suppliers.
Create and manage scope for client work including information, technology, organisational and physical asset lists.
Upload control improvement suggestion to client controls.
Align control and risk assessments to each client's needs.
Assess your clients controls using our simple Health Check or against commonly used frameworks such as ISO 27001 and NIST Cyber Security Framework.
Assess your client's controls and use suggested action plans or customise.
Customise your client's risk matrix to suit their unique risk appetite.
Manage your client's security risk outcomes based on control information provided and maintain risk outcomes and controls over time.
White label reports with your business logo.
Create reports in seconds with a large range of sections which you can add or remove including maturity diagrams, risk outcomes, key findings by practise area and much more.
Share reports securely with clients.
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Multiple authentication options.
Health Check Assessments for Cyber Insurers.
Further customise report templates and report content.
Customise key findings in reports.
Assess your clients controls against CPS234, SOC 2 and the Essential Eight Requirements.
Access a range of professional tools and templates to help clients uplift their security controls quickly.
Price: $3,750 per month.
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