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Some of the key features you will get access to includes:

Track your progress towards compliance in one place.
Centralise list of security controls
Conduct health checks and assessments against ISO 27001.
Assess your controls against the NIST Cyber Security Framework.
Unique company profile with branding options for reports.
Assess your business against SOC2 requirements
Create and manage information, technology, organisational and physical asset lists.
Align control and risk assessments to business assets.
Upload control evidence for reference by stakeholders or auditors.
Generate instant management reports for external stakeholder reports.
Review high risks and assign actions and treatment plans.
White label reports with your business logo.
Visualise how mature your controls are instantly.
Secure software to protect your information.
Share reports securely with internal and external stakeholders.
Access suggested action plans immediately or create custom action plans.
Maintain a clear record of security controls over time.